These easy to apply iron-on labels are the perfect way to label you kids clothing. Our iron-on's are so super soft, you won't even know they're there. Use them for all your clothing, uniforms, swim wear, towels, and more.

  • set of 90 labels: 1.25" x 0.50"

  • washer and dryer safe


SKU: 12159
  • For Best Results of Iron-On Labels


    • Preheat iron to medium setting. Do not use steam while ironing; the iron must be dry.
    • Ensure garment is dry by ironing appropriate area before applying label.
    • Place label, text side up, onto garment.
    • Cover label with enclosed parchment paper (never apply iron directly to label) and press firmly for 15–20 seconds. Do not move iron.
    • Allow the parchment and labels to cool completely before removing parchment.
    • Check to ensure that edges of the label are not lifting. If edges are peeling up, repeat above steps until label is firmly adhered. 


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