Our waterproof name labels are printed on quality vinyl and laminated to make them extra durable. Press-and-stick application makes it super easy to label school supplies, lunch ware, toys, books, electronics and much, much more!

  • set of 54 labels includes: 12 round (1.25") + 12 oblong (2.75" x 0.70") + 30 small (1.25" x 0.50")

  • dishwasher-safe

  • microwave-safe

  • freezer-safe

Clay Pigeon

SKU: 14173
  • For Best Results of Waterproof Name Labels


    • Ensure the surface area is clean and dry.
    • Peel and apply label to a flat surface.
    • Smooth out corners and any air pockets that may be present.
    • Allow the label to rest for 24 hours before washing or wearing.


Kingston, Jamaica

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